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How Science Lost the Public’s Trust

‘Science” has become a political catchword. “I believe in science,” Joe Bidentweeted six days before he was elected president. “Donald Trump doesn’t. It’s that simple, folks.” But what does it mean to believe in science? The British science writer Matt Ridley draws a pointed distinction between “science as a philosophy” …

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Biden Faces Fresh Challenges on Covid-19, Economy

WASHINGTON—President Biden took office with the goals of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, spurring economic growth and winning legislative approval for trillions in new spending. Six months in, all three of his major objectives are being tested. Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise, spurred by the Delta variant and …

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Wastewater Helps Health Officials Spot Covid-19 Warning Signs

Residents learned Covid-19 cases might be ticking upward in parts of Davis, Calif., this month thanks to an increasingly popular data stream: wastewater surveillance. More health officials are turning to the sewers to monitor coronavirus transmission and spot early signs of outbreaks as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations remain far below …

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