Recorded coronavirus cases in Wyoming growing at highest rate yet | Wyoming News


Wyoming’s average case counts this month have been significantly higher than any other month since the coronavirus was first detected here. In June, the state has averaged 11.8 confirmed cases per day. The state had averaged 3.9, 9.8 and 9 confirmed cases per day in March, April and May, respectively.

That spike prompted Gordon at Tuesday’s press conference to stress the importance of social distancing and wearing face masks.

“The news this week is, ‘Let’s not be foolish,'” he said. “Let’s not lose the ground we’ve gained. It’s great that we have spring. It’s great that we can feel good and be out and enjoy watersports, enjoy fishing, enjoy rodeo, enjoy just wonderful Wyoming. But it is also a time when we don’t want to risk that.

“And so, yeah, we hope that things like face masks will go (away) in time, but for the time being, they’re critical. They’re critical to protect our most vulnerable populations. And having known a couple of people that have gotten coronavirus, and it wasn’t easy for them, it’s important that we respect each other.”

(Note: While April has the highest number of total cases per day in this infographic, that number is likely skewed by the state Health Department announcing 73 probable cases on the day that category debuted. Since then, no single-day total has reached even half that amount.)

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