Oct. 22 coronavirus update: Black Hawk Co. adds 2 deaths, Buchanan, Fayette, Grundy each add 1 | Local News

Butler County

People currently infected: 32 (+4)

Average cases per day: 3.5 (+0.2)

Hospitalized: 1 (no change)

Average deaths per day: 0 (no change)

Fatality rate: 0.6% (no change)

Total population currently infected: 0.2% (no change)

Total population ever infected: 2.5% (+0.1%)

Positive testing rate in past 14 days: 6.2% (-0.6%)

Iowa school districts may request a temporary waiver to send students home for 14 days and move all instruction online if 10% of students are absent and a 14-day average shows at least 15% of county residents screened for the coronavirus test positive.

Long-term care facility outbreaks: 0

Fayette County

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