Mid-Missouri counties prepare for new coronavirus variant | COVID-19


BOONE COUNTY – Boone and Cole Counties are preparing to combat a new coronavirus variant.

The variant, named delta by the CDC, was first spotted in India earlier this year and has been confirmed in Cole County. Cole County Health Director Kristie Campbell said it has been in Cole County since early June.

“We received some sewer shed data from June 8, and it looks like at that time 90% of the samples that they took in Jefferson City, were the delta variant,” Campbell said.

To fight the new variant, Boone County Public Health Information Specialist Sara Humm said residents should continue to get vaccinated.

“This is a good time to get vaccinated if folks haven’t yet been vaccinated,” Humm said. “There are plenty of opportunities to do so to keep yourself and your family and friends and community safe and healthy.”

Both health departments said there would be no need for any restrictions at this moment.

“We’re always continuing to monitor the data and see what our numbers look like,” Humm said. “Here in Boone County, our numbers are still staying low so far.”

The CDC classified the new variant as a “variant of concern”. It currently is responsible for 29.1% of cases at this time in Missouri. Campbell said people should continue to take the preventive measures to insure their own safety.

“Washing your hands staying home when you’re sick, avoiding sick people, taking your vitamin, boosting your immune system, all the things that we’ve been doing all along are still going to be practical and effective for the variant,” Campbell said.

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