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Millions of people have been infected with a form of herpes, but many of them don’t know it. As a result they continue to spread it to other people. Knowing the various symptoms of the virus to be on the lookout for is important. They are too often dismissed as jock itch or a yeast infection. You should see a doctor if you experience the various symptoms of herpes. This is a very serious virus that you need to get treatment for as soon as possible.

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Since there are many forms of herpes the symptoms will vary in severity. The immune system of the individual also plays a role in how terrible their outbreaks will be. Both the oral and genital forms of herpes are the same just in different locations. This being said you can give someone genital herpes by offering them oral sex while you have an outbreak on your lips.

Those blisters found on the lips known as cold sores are definitely a form of herpes. Many people don’t realize that so they continue engaging in sexual behaviors and kissing other people. Even a very small cold sore can result in the herpes virus being spread to someone else.

Some of the common symptoms of herpes include redness, sores, Herpes Home Remediesblisters, puffiness, and bumps. They may be quite visible or very mild so they level of discomfort is going to vary by individual. The outbreaks from herpes are going to come and go in cycles.

You may get an outbreak every 20-25 days that lasts 5-7 days. You may go months before you get an outbreak that lasts for a couple of days. Common triggers of outbreaks include drinking excessively and abusing drugs.

In the most severe cases of herpes the symptoms include pain, cuts, and discharge from either the penis or the vagina that have a heavy smell to them. There may even be pain that occurs when the person urinates. Check the glands at the back of the neck to see if they are swollen as this too is a symptom of herpes. The various symptoms a person experiences can be different each time they experience an outbreak.

Herpes RemediesSince there is no cure for herpes the best someone can do is protect themselves from contracting it. This includes safe sex if you or your partner are also engaging in the activity with someone else. If you do contract herpes you need to see your doctor for medication to help control the outbreaks. It is also your duty to tell those you have been sexually active with about it so they can get checked as well.

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