Gov. Justice discusses persistence in pushing for coronavirus vaccinations during Friday press briefing


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Jim Justice pushed back his second coronavirus briefing of the week until Friday.

He began with listing the coronavirus deaths the state has recorded since his last briefing. West Virginia has 2,919 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

The daily percent positivity is 2.17%, while the cumulative percent positivity is 4.96%.

As far as the delta variant is concerned, the state has recorded 19 total cases, which is an increase of one, according to Justice.

“It’s moving really slowly in West Virginia, but, you know, mark it down, and the health officials can tell you over, and over and over, this is coming. This is coming to West Virginia,” said Justice. “It’s coming, and, absolutely, you need to be vaccinated.”

Justice was asked about when he might scale back on his efforts to convince holdouts to get vaccinated, but he said he has no intention of doing so.

“I know it feels like I’m beating my head against the wall, and, and that’s really the feeling,” said Justice. “But, without any question, every single shot that goes in an arm is a success.

“Now, we can’t make people, and bring ’em all to the, to the table,” Justice continued. “But…they’ll come running out of the woodwork in every direction if we have a lot of people start dying. That’s no consequence that I want. None at all. I’d rather beat my head against a wall and take our successes that we get.”

Also on Friday, Justice recapped the prizes given out in the latest “Do it for Babydog” lottery giveaway on Wednesday. This includes a Bridgeport man winning $1 million and a student from Lewis County who won a full college scholarship.

The governor was asked if there are any plans for additional incentive programs to convince residents to get vaccinated.

“Right now, we don’t have any other plans,” Justice said.

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