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Gordon expresses cautious optimism about coronavirus presence in Wyoming after rough July | Wyoming News

There remain some flies in the ointment Gordon is cautiously applying. Two of the state’s six metrics for gauging the severity of the pandemic remain in the worst of three categories, and the state continues to see cases rise in younger age group. Twenty-five percent of positive cases are between 19 and 29 years old, he said.

“That is a likely a result of transmission at social events, gatherings, and as my friend (Gov.) Doug Ducey in Arizona puts it, one of our biggest concerns is bars,” Gordon said.

Still, Gordon said the data is beginning to support his assertion that Wyomingites can handle the pandemic themselves, without stringent public health orders. While much of July saw multiple days with record-high numbers of confirmed cases, by the end of the month, the 10-day average of confirmed cases dipped. It’s too early to assign a trend, but it’s positive growth, in any case.

The number of active cases — cases minus recoveries — has begun to improve, and hospitalizations, which rose in mid-July, have started to tick downward in recent days, though they remain higher now than at any point in June or May. Gordon repeatedly said that he’d spoken with governors in other states, which opened up and then faced an onslaught of serious infection and viral spread, and noted that Wyoming continued to look good in comparison.

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