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Disney-Like Parody Video Says ‘Wear A Mask’ Against Covid-19 Coronavirus

Some have described staunch refusals to wear face coverings during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic as being “childish.” For example, there have been headlines like “Kids lose when adults have a childish fight over wearing a mask at a football game” and tweets such as the following:

So what do you think about when you think of children? How about a Disney video or song?

Well, songwriters Noah Lindquist and Ashley Young didn’t put together an official Disney video. But they did create a rendition of the song “Be Our Guest” from the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast.” However, this version wasn’t about hors d’oeuvres, beef ragout, and cheese souffle. No, instead, the song’s called “Wear a Mask,” and take a wild guess of what it says.

The song does have some naughty words. such as one that rhymes with “natural gas.” So it may not be for all children. But the message of the video applies to nearly everyone two years old and above. After all, evidence has shown that wearing masks can cut down the transmission of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2).

The video begins with something that looks like candles and candle holder singing, “Wear a mask. Wear a mask. Is this really much to ask,” as you can see here:

Candles usually don’t sing in real life. But this one continued by crooning, “at the gym, at the store. Don’t treat it like such a chore! No these mandates aren’t malicious. All your theories are fictitious!” These rhymes are quite delicious.

The lyrics go on with “Stop the lies, stop the fights, no one is taking away your rights! All this speculation makes me need a flask. Come on and read some data. All you mask debaters, wear a mask. ”

Later on a teapot and then other household items join in singing. If this happened in real life, it would be a bit horrifying. But as a cartoon, it is quite entertaining.

And if you’ve been wondering what rhymes with Tony Fauci besides “ouchy,” there’s a line for you: “Try not to be so grouchy. Have some faith in Fauci! Wear a mask.”

Speaking of Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has clearly urged Americans to wear face coverings in public places where they may mix with others. So has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So have many other public health experts.

Will this video convince more people to wear face masks? Who knows? It’s worth a shot. Maybe people will be more likely to listen to household items singing than real scientists and public health experts.

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