Are Commercial Water Systems Safe to Use?

It is essential to learn about healthy water treatment as a commercial water system could be very expensive. And unfortunately, while these cost up to hundreds of dollars, some systems are not that efficient in eliminating water contaminants. Even if the task seems too technical and time-consuming, you can surely make your own safe and effective water filter with these easy-to-follow steps.

Your first task is to gather the materials needed in making the filter. These are containers, clean cotton or fabric, and fine and coarse sand. Note that one of the containers must be shaped like a cone, which will serve as the filtering device. The other container will catch the filtered water.

The next task on how to filter water is to make the improvised filter. Attach the cotton or fabric on the spout of the first container. Then add the sand. Put a layer of fine sand first, and the coarse kind next. Some suggest that adding another layer of gravel will aid a better filtration process.

Connect the containers together by putting the filter device right on the spout of the second container. Ensure that there will be no leaks so as every drop of filtered water will be saved. Test the device by pouring water into the filtering device. Repeat the testing until clear water drips on the other container.

Note however that these steps are for filtering drinking water. Learn more about how to filter water that is used for your whole house through the use of DIY guides. These could be found online and most of them include step-by-step instructions how to make different sorts of filter and how to install them properly.

With the right tools, materials and guide on how to filter water properly, you can surely enjoy cleaner and safer water for the rest of your life.

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