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EyeCare 101 by Poughkeepsie Optometry

La Grange Eyecare

As you get older, taking care of your eyes becomes even more imperative. Lets take a look at one particular case by La Grange Eyecare. Age related macular degeneration (AMD) and the care of your eyesight. There is so much to see in life, seeing the world or the wonderful …

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Are Commercial Water Systems Safe to Use?

Commercial Water Systems

It is essential to learn about healthy water treatment as a commercial water system could be very expensive. And unfortunately, while these cost up to hundreds of dollars, some systems are not that efficient in eliminating water contaminants. Even if the task seems too technical and time-consuming, you can surely make …

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Essential Oils for Babies

Essential Oils for Babies by Oil Logic

Choosing an essential oil to use is vital nowadays, especially when it comes to babies. Lets look at some essential oils by Oil Logic. Essential oils may be used in a variety of ways, but have you considered putting them on the soles of the feet? When using therapeutic grade essential …

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